Corporate Social Responsibility

About Taxi Travel SCQ: more than a taxi service

Today, humanity is facing one their greatest challenges that will mark our future. The greenhouse effect, gases exceeding limits and global temperature rising takes us to a sever global damage.

Emissions in transport and traveling is also an issue where details depends on many factors: like the type of vehicle or the time of the transfer and the country in which it takes place. But it is true that it represents a very high percentage of dioxide carbon where in the last year’s levels have seriously increased.

We must have awareness that all these effects affect us in one way or the other, and especially the ones that will be here after us.

What can we do for a sustainable world? My little grain of sand:

  • Minimize waste and avoid unnecessary use of paper; reduced in the printing of receipts or name boards.
  • Always looking for the most efficient way possible in the optimization of consumption of the vehicle.
  • Use of a vehicle with Adblue urea product to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides caused by the exhaust of diesel engines.
  • Eco- driving. The benefits are a reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, decreased noise pollution. An increased comfort in the vehicle for customers. Reducing risk of accidents and drivers stress. All along with savings in the vehicle maintenance costs, braking systems, tires, gearbox, engine, etc.
  • Shared transfers or shared taxi is a practical and economical way for groups and customers. Travelers many times use for the same common route, so combining transfers is a great way to meeting new people, save money and help the environment.