About Taxi Travel SCQ: more than a taxi service

About Taxi Travel SCQ

I realize that there are very few people that speak English in my city and in Spain it's not very often to find one. This is a problem for a lot of english speaking tourists that visit this place because it's very difficult for them to go somewhere or to say something.

The structure is orientated towards transfers but Taxi Travel SCQ didn't appear with the unique purpose of taking people from one part to another. It was also born with an added value for customers. Concepts of help, advice, guidance (*), universality, commitment, flexibility, and personality are present, where the customer is the most important and each service is unique.

(*) Not to be confused with tour guide. Tour guiding in Galicia is regulated by law and all tour guide must be accredited (article 32, decree 42/2001).

Car outside

Car outside

Length 5339mm (210.2in), width 2290mm (90.16in), height 1976mm (77.8in)

Car inside: Max 6 passengers

Car inside
7 passengers

Complete full leather interior, climat control temperate.

Spacious big trunk for your luggage

Spacious big trunk

Spacious trunk/boot of 3690 liters which virtually fits all luggage.